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I decided that this is the time for me to start to write my blog in english, too, noticing that there is couple of people that visit my blog and I believe that it would be better for them to know what I write about and not only looking at the pictures.

The more comments under my post I get, the more it amazes me, really 🙂
The biggest number of comments I got is 3, but it’s good anyway, in view of the fact that I’ve founded this blog just for myself and I didn’t know anyone to read it, especially I didn’t want my stupid classmates and people from school to read it and think that I’m the stupidest person in the world, just basing on my blog.

I got a cold and I’m tired.
My eyes are half-closed and I would be the happiest if I could just stay in my bed the entire day, but I had to go to school and now I have to pack my things, cuz tomorrow I’m leaving for vacation with my family! :))))

No, really, for the first time in like… 4 or 5 years we’re going somewhere together because on the „real“ vacation my parents worked and we always stayed at home or me and my sister went somewhere on our own.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 4 a.m.!!!
I guess all of you will be turning in your comfy and warm beds, but I’m gonna be on my way!
We leave so early cuz it doesn’t really matter to me if I wake up at 4 or at 8, I will be just as much tired.

On Saturday I’m going for my cousin’s wedding!
The entire next week I’m gonna spend with my family in Kłodzko, little town in the south of Poland. It will be amazing, I alredy know that! 🙂 So happy! 🙂 Can’t wait! 🙂

When I go back home on Sunday, 25th, tons of tests and homeworks are already going to wait for me.
I can hear a voice inside my head that says that these tests and teachers ready to give me F are going to miss me more than my friends and classmates, but it’s only me… And that stupid voice in my head that I can’t get rid of.

I think I’ll eat a instant chinese soup, I’m too lazy to prepare something more tasty for dinner.
I have to pack my things…

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